Shelf-life 24 months at 5-37 °C • Portable and compact • Blood grouping on location • Result after just 2 minutes • Easy to learn, easy to use • No need for refrigeration and daily controls • Whole blood can be used down to 5 μl • No need for separation of red cells and blood plasma

The Rhesus disease project in Kenya is moving forward

After securing the various permits necessary to implement medical research in Kenya, the partnership, consisting of Kenya Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (KOGS) and Eldon Biologicals, is moving forward with a critical pilot project underscoring that Rhesus disease can be prevented, also in low resource settings.

Pregnant women are having their blood types determined by using the EldonCard. The App “My Personal Health Bank” is used to register the blood types and communicate with the women, who are determined to be Rhesus negative and thus being in need of prophylactic treatment. Through the App, they receive information about their blood type and the next steps, they need to take to avoid Rhesus-sensitization and its consequences.

The project is being implemented in three different Kenyan hospitals located in urban, semi urban, and rural settings.

The project is partly funded by Innowwide / the EU.