Shelf-life 24 months at 5-37 °C • Portable and compact • Blood grouping on location • Result after just 2 minutes • Easy to learn, easy to use • No need for refrigeration and daily controls • Whole blood can be used down to 5 μl • No need for separation of red cells and blood plasma

EU funding supports critical Rhesus disease prevention project in Kenya

Eldon Biologicals has received EU funding for a critical project in Kenya. The project will demonstrate how the EldonCard can play a key role in a consolidated effort to prevent Rhesus disease in Africa.

The project will demonstrate that the EldonCard, when used in a new and innovative organizational setup, constitutes an effective tool in Rhesus disease prevention in low resource settings. The project will document the feasibility of using the EldonCard to identify Rhesus negative mothers and refer them to prophylactic treatment preventing Rhesus disease. The study will target three project sites, with a significant burden of still births and neonatal deaths. The feasibility study will be implemented in cooperation with the Kenya Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (KOGS), who will be the main driver in the implementation. KOGS will work together with the African Federation of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AFOG) and the Council of Governors (COGs).

The project will add blood type testing to the standard tests offered to pregnant women receiving prenatal care at the project sites. The project will be implemented in full accordance with the highest ethical standards. Women, who are Rhesus negative, will be offered prophylactic treatment as per existing treatment protocols. In case the project comes across Rhesus negative women, who are already sensitized, they will be offered specialized treatment at hospitals equipped to deliver such treatment.