Why knowing your blood type matters

Shelf-life 24 months at 5-37 °C • Portable and compact • Blood grouping on location • Result after just 2 minutes • Easy to learn, easy to use • No need for refrigeration and daily controls • Whole blood can be used down to 5 μl • No need for separation of red cells and blood plasma

The importance of blood types and the convenience of the EldonCard™
Know Your Blood Type

Knowing your blood type can help you understand your health better; it is also needed for blood donations and important for safe pregnancies. Most critically, it could save your life if you need an emergency blood transfusion. You can learn your blood type in just a couple of minutes using the EldonCard™. Read more below.


Understanding Blood Types

All blood consists of plasma, red and white blood cells and platelets. Your blood type is inherited from your parents and determined by the presence or absence of certain antigens and antibodies. The antigens are protein markers present on the surface of red blod cells, while antibodies are produced in the plasma or liquid portion of the blood. The type of antigen you have tells us what your blood type is.

Depending on the antigen on the red blood cells the blood type is classified by two elements: The ABO grouping system and the Rhesus (Rh) factor which is either present (Rh positive) or not present (Rh negative). For example, if you have A antigens on your red blood cells, your blood type is A. If someone has both A and B antigens, they are type AB. If you do not have any antigens on the surface of red blood cells, your blood type is O. For each antigen on the blood cell, the opposite antibody is produced in the plasma. For example, type B blood has anti-type A antibodies.

Receiving blood that’s incompatible with one’s own blood type may trigger a serious immune response that can be fatal. While there are more than 20 blood-type systems, ABO and Rh are by far the most important.


There are 8 Blood Groups With the ABO, Rh System

O negative – Does not have any A or B antigens or the Rh factor.
O positive – Doesn’t have any A or B antigens, but it does have the Rh factor.
A negative – Only consists of the A antigen on the surface of the red blood cells (RBCs).
A positive – Consists of the A antigen on the RBCs and the Rh factor. It does not have the B antigen.
B negative – Consists of the B antigen on RBCs only.
B positive – Consists of the B antigen as well as the Rh factor. This blood type does not have the A antigen present on the RBC surface.
AB negative – Consists of the A and B antigens, but not the Rh factor.
AB positive – Consists of all three types of markers; the A, B antigens and the Rh factor.



A Number of Conditions are Related to Specific Blood Types:


The EldonCard

With more than 40 years of continuous development today’s EldonCard is based on the use of special formulations of selected monoclonal antibodies. The EldonCard is ISO certified, CE marked in the EU, cleared by the US FDA, and registered with the relevant authorities in a range of other countries. The EldonCard is the most trusted and accurate diagnostic tool for point-of-care (nearpatient- testing) and home-testing of blood typing of the ABO-, and Rhesus systems. Unlike other devices, once the test is complete, you have the option of preserving the result for your records in a convenient credit card format. Displaying the actual agglutination reaction (the clumping together of the red blood cells) your blood type can be confirmed and read by any health personel at any time in he future.


Unique properties:

Shelf-life of 24 months at 5-37°C (40-99°F)
2 minute blood group determination on location
Easy to perform test
Uses whole blood (finger prick drop)
Minimal environmental impact
Superior accuracy
Portable, compact
Permanent record
ID-card option


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