Shelf-life 24 months at 5-37 °C • Portable and compact • Blood grouping on location • Result after just 2 minutes • Easy to learn, easy to use • No need for refrigeration and daily controls • Whole blood can be used down to 5 μl • No need for separation of red cells and blood plasma

Strengthening Rhesus Disease Prevention in Africa

Globally, there are many areas, including areas in Africa, where there are still no systematic efforts to prevent Rhesus disease. To address this issue, there was an important meeting seeking to scale-up the efforts to address Rhesus disease in Francophone Africa. The meeting took place on Thursday February 9 in Marrakech in Morocco with the participation of professionals from all over Francophone Africa. The meeting was arranged jointly by WIRhE, AFOG, SRMGO, and SAGO. Eldon Biologicals participated in the meeting continuing its concerted support to the global efforts to eradicate Rhesus disease.

For more on Rhesus disease and the global Call to Action, see: FIGO/ICM guidelines for preventing Rhesus disease: A call to action – Visser – 2021 – International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics – Wiley Online Library.

For more about WIRhE, see: WIRhE – Worldwide Initiative for Rh Disease Eradication

For more about AFOG, see: African Federation of Obstetricians and Gynaecologist (AFOG) (