Shelf-life 24 months at 5-37 °C • Portable and compact • Blood grouping on location • Result after just 2 minutes • Easy to learn, easy to use • No need for refrigeration and daily controls • Whole blood can be used down to 5 μl • No need for separation of red cells and blood plasma

Presenting the Walking Blood Bank at the Parliament

The project “the Walking Blood Bank” seeks to address two interrelated goals. The first is the lack of donor blood in Ukraine, which the project seeks to alleviate by registering new donors through outreach activities that include registration and a free blood type tests performed on an EldonCard. The second is the number of amputations and unnecessary deaths from combat injuries caused by the lack of donor blood and the lack of equipment to swiftly treat wounded soldiers and civilians alike, including performing lifesaving blood transfusions close to the frontline. The project will address the second challenge by delivering the equipment required, such as EldonCards and warm transfusion kits.

On December 12, the project was presented at the Danish Parliament, where Eldon Biologicals together with Mr. Volodymyr Dzhydzhova from the Office of the Commissioner for International Cooperation presented the project to Mr. Michael Aastrup Jensen, the Chairman of the Foreign Policy Committee of the Danish Parliament.

It was a very productive meeting, and we look forward to the continued dialogue with Mr. Jensen to promote the Walking Blood Bank and related activities developed to support Ukraine during these challenging times.